28 October 2009


"I had a paper round once. It was the worst job"

Steph had just joined a big group of friends outside The Forum in Norwich. I've photographed here before and the steps outside are often filled with different groups of young people. I've also noticed older people in the cafe outside or the benches near the church muttering or looking disapprovingly at the noise coming from the youngsters or just the look of them. However, I have approached several of these groups and they have always been far from intimidating. Usually very friendly and curious. Many have even tried to help me find more faces or wished me well. Steph also wished me well as we parted.

"I know what I'd love to do. Sea, board (she gestured with her hands, amused by not remembering for a moment)....surfing! Yes, surfing!"

"I'm studying fine art right now. Tonight I'm looking forward to going to a party!"

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